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Aburi-EN is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in partially grilled meat, particularly high-quality wagyu from Japan and Australia.

The restaurant offers affordable prices and a comfortable atmosphere, with a variety of rice bowls, cocktails, highballs, shochu, and sake to complement the grilled meats and seafood. The A4/A5 Miyazaki wagyu is their pride, which has won Japan’s National Wagyu Award three times in a row.

Customers have praised the restaurant for its attentive and kind service, excellent food, and pleasant ambiance.

Here is the most recent Aburi En menu for 2023 in Singapore:


aburi en menu singapore buta don
BUTA DON MenuInformationPrice
Buta DonGrilled pork loin on rice$16.40
Premium Buta DonGrilled chestnut pork loin on rice$19.40
Premium Buta Bara DonGrilled chesnut pork belly on rice$20.60
Iberico Hoho DonGrilled ilberico pork jowl on rice$21.00


aburi en menu singapore gyudon
GYUDON MenuInformationPrice
Plant-based Karubi DonMade from 100% Soybean protein from NEXT Meats Grilled boneless short rib with Aburi-EN special sauce served on premium Japanese rice and tofu wakame miso soup$17.50
Wagyu Suji DonMiyazaki Waygu stew with seasonal vegetables topped with onsen egg on rice$22.30
Wagyu Karubi DonGrilled Australian wagyu on rice$27.70
Wagyu Roast Steak JyuMiyazaki wagyu steak with assorted vegetables on rice$40.00
Premium Wagyu JyuGrilled premium Miyazaki wagyu on rice$41.20


aburi en menu singapore combo jyu
COMBO JYU MenuInformationPrice
Aburi Buta & Unagi Combo JyuPork loin and grilled eel on rice$25.90
3-Kind Buta Combo JyuGrilled chestnut pork belly, pork loin and Iberico pork jowl on rice$27.00
Aburi Hoho & Unagi Combo JyuTender pork cheek and grilled eel on rice bowl$28.00
Wagyu & Unagi Combo JyuAustralian wagyu and grilled eel on rice$33.50


aburi en menu singapore other donburi
OTHER DONBURI MenuInformationPrice
Chicken Nanban DonDeep fried chicken with tartar sauce$13.80
Chicken Teriyaki DonGrilled teriyaki chicken thigh on rice$14.00
Unagi JyuGrilled eel on rice$25.90


aburi en menu singapore ramen 1
RAMEN MenuInformationPrice
Wagyu Niku UdonStewed Miyazaki wagyu with Japanese noodle in bonito brothFrom $9.30
Original MazesobaOriginal minced pork stew dry ramen$15.00
Chicken Nanban MazesobaDeep fried chicken with tartar sauce on dry ramen$16.30
Tonkotsu Chashu RamenRamen in pork broth with chashu$17.00
Premium Signature Tonkotsu RamenRamen in pork broth with charcoal grilled Iberico pork jowl$17.50
Black Tonkotsu Ramen$18.20
Buta Hoho Red MazesobaIberico pork jowl with Japanese red chilli on dry ramen$18.70
Buta Hoho Black MazesobaIberico pork jowl with roasted black garlic oil on dry ramen$18.70
Tonkotsu Karamiso RamenRamen in spicy pork broth with 1 pcs cha shu and Okinawa egg$18.80
Premium Black Tonkotsu RamenRamen in pork broth with roasted black garlic oil and charcoal grilled Iberico pork jowl$19.50
Premium Red Tonkotsu RamenRamen in pork broth with Japanese red chilli oil, hot miso paste and charcoal grilled Iberico pork jowl$19.50


aburi en menu singapore add on
ADD-ON MenuPrice
Okinawa Onsen Tamago$1.80
Mini Salad$2.30
Asari Miso Soup$3.30


aburi en menu singapore grilled fish
GRILLED FISH MenuInformationPrice
Saba Shio YakiGrilled Mackerel$11.70
Salmon Harasu YakiCharcoal grilled salmon belly$13.50
KawahagiCharcoal grilled Japanese thread-sail filefish$14.00
Ei hireCharcoal grilled Japanese seasoned stingray fin$14.00
Fugu MirinCharcoal grilled Japanese mirin-seasoned dried puffer fish$16.40
Unagi KabayakiGrilled unagi$19.50
Gindara TeriyakiCod fish marinated in teriyaki sauce$20.00
3 kinds AppetiserCharcoal grilled Japanese seasoned stingray fin, mirin-seasoned dried puffer fish and thread-sail filefish$28.00


  • aburi en menu singapore side dish 1
  • aburi en menu singapore side dish 2
SIDE DISH MenuInformationPrice
Garlic EdamameChilled Japanese soybeans topped with crispy garlic$6.80
Pork GyozaPan fried pork dumplings (5 pcs)$7.50
Chicken NanbanDeep fried chicken with tartar sauce$10.00
Okonomiyaki GyozaPork gyoza with okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise and bonito flakes (5pcs)$10.00
Mentaiko GyozaPork gyoza with torched mentaiko sauce (5pcs)$10.00
Hokkaido Organic Potato WedgesOrganic potato wedges with nacho mentaiko cheese sauce$10.50
Ika KaraageDeep-fried squid$11.00
Cheese Teppan Fondue GyozaPan-fried gyoza with thick cheese fondue (5pcs)$11.00
Truffle GyozaPork gyoza with truffle oil (5pcs)$11.00
Sumibi Chicken YakiCharcoal grilled chicken$11.70
Japanese Pumpkin SaladJapanese pumpkin salad with feta cheese topping with sweet dressing$13.50
Kaki FryDeep-fried jumbo oysters (3pcs)$14.00
Iberico Hoho YakiCharcoal grilled Iberico pork jowl$17.00
Wagyu Suji NikomiA4/A5 Miyazaki wagyu stew with carrot, white radish, konnyaku$17.50
Kagoshima Pork Tontekipan-fried Kagoshima pork with homemade savoury citrus sauce$19.50
Ika SurumeCharcoal grilled squid glazed with teriyaki sauce$20.60
Wagyu Roast SteakMiyazaki wagyu steak$37.70


DRINKS MenuPrice
Bottled Water$2.10
Ginger Ale$4.00
Coke Zero$4.10
Oolong Tea$4.10


Last Update: April 18, 2023

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