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Poke Theory is a restaurant that serves modern poke bowls made of marinated sashimi, vegetables, and grains. Their poke bowls are similar to sushi bowls, but without the high price tag.

They have a variety of options that cater to different dietary needs, including a Light vegan Avocado Poke bowl that is under 250 calories, and an aburi option for those who prefer their poke flame-torched.

They also offer a chicken option that is cooked via sous vide. Poke Theory values small-batch cooking and reducing food wastage by using all parts of fresh produce, including the cores of pineapples and Japanese cucumbers, and stems of kale to make cold pressed juices.

They believe that fresh, colorful food is packed with the most nutrients and that eating a rainbow leads to a balanced diet. Their poke bowls are a great protein fix and are perfect for gym-goers looking for a healthy and satisfying meal.

Here is the most recent Poke Theory menu for 2023 in Singapore:

Bundle Deals

poke theory menu singapore bundle deals
Bundle Deals MenuPrice
Build Your Own Bowl Bundle (1 pax)$15.90
Build Your Own Bowl Bundle (2 Pax)$30.80

BYO Poke Bowls

poke theory menu singapore BYO poke bowls
BYO Poke Bowls MenuPrice
Tempeh Kecap Manis$13.90
Mentaiko Mayo Salmon$13.90
Original Shoyu Salmon$13.90
Spicy Mayo Salmon$13.90
Avocado Miso Salmon$13.90
Original Shoyu Tuna$13.90
Spicy Garlic Sesame Tuna$13.90
Sous Vide Dashi Chicken$13.90
Avocado Poke Bowl (VEGAN)$13.90

Signature Poke Bowls

poke theory menu singapore signature poke bowls
Signature Poke Bowls MenuPrice
O.G. Salmon$15.00
Green Goddess$15.00
Spicy Lifey$15.00
Mentaiko Madness$15.00
O.G. Tuna$15.00
Spicy Garlic Trippin$15.00
Dashi Chica$15.00
Avocado Livin (vegan)$15.00

Snack Packs

poke theory menu singapore snack packs
Snack Packs MenuPrice
Bundle Deals$6.50
Crispy Salmon Skin$6.50
Spiced Roasted Cashews$6.50
Smoked Almonds$6.50

Acai Bowls

poke theory menu singapore acai bowls
Acai Bowls MenuPrice
Spring Fling$8.90
Choc A Lot, Please$8.90
All Or Nuttin’$8.90

Coldpressed Juice

poke theory menu singapore coldpressed juice
Coldpressed Juice MenuPrice
Coldpressed Juice (Sunshine Spritz)$6.90
Coldpressed Juice (Dragonlady)$6.90
Coldpressed Juice (Crimson Sunrise)$6.90
Coldpressed Juice (Kale Living)$6.90

Other Beverages

poke theory menu singapore other beverages
Other Beverages MenuPrice
Dashi Broth$2.50
Hot Apple Cinnamon Tea$2.80
Hot Earl Grey Tea$2.80
Hot Jasmine Green Tea$2.80
Hot Rosehip Tea$2.80
Ice Mountain Still Water$3.00
Ice Mountain Sparkling Water (Lemon)$3.00
Ice Mountain Sparkling Water (Grapefruit)$3.00
Green Tea$3.00
Oolong Tea$3.00


poke theory menu singapore merchandise
Merchandise MenuPrice
Little Lunch Tote$10.00
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